Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Controversial Long Island Medium returns to TLC

The Long Island Medium was back to TV with a Christmas special (on TLC). It's well made with nice cinematography but raises even more questions than did the show last season.  On the Christmas special, the readings she did were more obviously "cold readings", and she missed a few.  She said to one lady that her daughter died of "taking too much medication".  Was this a suicide or ?  We are never told more info.

  Teresa Caputo has as many critics as she does, fans.  From those who have attended her live shows, we hear mixed reactions.  Some are really impressed but just as many are disappointed.  An individual on the internet who has been noticed by some of the periodicals including the tabloids, has made a good part of their networking, their efforts to inform the public that they feel Caputo is a fake.

Fake in comparison to what?  Most psychics and mediums admit that a good part of what they do, is being observant etc.  There really is no "magic".  There is telepathy when a person can actually read the thoughts of another person - obviously this type of person could "read" at psychic fairs etc.  Most psychics and mediums do a certain amount of "cold reading" ( asking questions in order to get folks to tell them what's on their minds).  Example "is there someone close to you who passed in a tragedy?"  Well I think most folks would say yes... perhaps ALL folks.

There is a Charismata of the Holy Spirit known as "Discernment of Spirits".  Christians believe that each of us have one or two Chrismatas of the Holy Spirit (in addition to all the 8 Gifts of the Holy Spirit).  The Charismata mentioned above, allows people to "see" the invisible and also to "soul read" - soul readers don't ask questions at all - they rather make statements about the person they are reading, 100% of which are true.  Obviously, to charge money for such readings, would be a "sin against the Holy Spirit".  This Charismata is strictly for ministry and those who have it, are often approached by many folks, seeking answers.  St Padre Pio who had "Discernment of Spirits", would spend long days (like 12 hours) in the Confessional, hearing folks Confessions and giving advice and soothing hurt souls.  St Andre Bessette, the Porter of a Monastery in Canada, also could soul read, and folks lined up to see him (he had the Charismata of Healing as well).

Teresa is first and foremost, an excellent entertainer.  She is talented at sizing up people and may be using telepathy at times.  She seems a nice lady and many folks are happy to pay her rather large sums of bucks to get a reading with her - so her talents (and she is very talented) have earned her a good enough living that her hubby could retire from his motorcycle shop.

The Long Island Medium Christmas special is airing now and supposedly, episodes of Caputo's show, "Long Island Medium", will return to TLC, this summer (2016).