Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obama appeals to the dreamers but not realists

I heard Barak Obama's speech to supporters after he lost the Kentucky primary (not surprising his loss - he's definitely 'the wrong color" for the Southern half of the USA).

His speech was well delivered and eloquent and promised almost a perfect world (should we elect HIM president). He delivered it with deep emotion, a zeal which was quickly picked up by his listeners who cheered him on.

Nice sounding as his speech and promises were, it all bore little resemblance to reality.

He promised tax cuts for the middle class and not "2 percent of the richest people" only the reality is that most folks got tax rebates this time around so it wasn't only the rich and I have direct evidence that at least some of the low income folks got the rebates because a friend of mine IS in that category and they got a rebate of only $300 bucks LESS than we did when they pay a fraction of the taxes we pay and also subscribe to several government help programs. Obama should research the "facts" he proclaims.

National Geographics has been showing several programs reflecting the on going research on "9/11". These programs directly conflict with those who wish to blame our present leaders for the terrorism. Seems Osama Bin Laden is a billionaire and has financed "terrorism cells" all over the world including one in NY city! Also the radical moslims feel that world domination BY THEM is the only thing which will save the world. And they apparently had been planning something like 9/11 for 15 years before it happened.

In another National Geographics program, they showed some of the things Saddam Husein did to terrorize his people. For example, they showed the police throwing a man off a building just because he criticized Saddam. Apparently Saddam had them video all the torture and abuse and show it on TV in order to terrorize Iraqis. This carefully researched National Geographics show DIRECTLY conflicts with Michael Moore's depiction of "happy people under Saddam" in "Fahenheit 9/11", the film which many people based their votes on, last time around.

Those who read history will find that Bin Laden had been writing threatening notes to Clinton when he was president and that Clinton describes in his book, "MY LIFE" sitting on the couch, ordering Iraq to be hit with a missile. The only difference between Clinton and Bush was that Clinton just DID the war moves whereas Bush went to Congress to get the will of the people. But of course, the bottom line is that Bush gets unpopular whereas most folks think Clinton was one of the best presidents.

So Obama's promise to immediately pull our troups out of Iraq would not only put the Iraqis at great danger but is likely to put our own USA soil in significant danger. McCain by contrast, reminds that you cannot reason with a terrorist especially if they have decided they MUST rule the world. And that the troups would be pulled in a reasonable manner.

Catholics writing about Obama are not much help. One Bishop reminds that his voting record is 100 percent "pro choice". But Obama is not only 100 percent pro ABORTION and financed by huge financial interests in the abortion industry but also was instrumental in killing the law protecting babies born alive from late term abortions, and allowing them to be given a chance at life. He voted for having them killed or letting them die because allowing them to live would "weaken" Roe v Wade (he said).

Obama offers health care to "all who need it" but forgets that any kind of nationalized health care will raise our taxes to the moon. Already people on the health care system overtax it with elective surgery etc. A nice promise but not real practical solution given.

His biggest plea is "we need change" but I'd like to remind that change just for the sake of change may be a very bad idea.

McCain lacks the young vibrant charm of Obama but if you read what his platform is, it makes a lot more sense and does offer practical solutions to our problems.

I hope the American people, for once, try to read and inform themselves of what the REAL issues are and not as some have done in the past, move forward to support a candidate cloaked in a schizophrenic haze of "a miracle will happen".