Friday, December 2, 2011

Is Yoga satanic?

Recently, an elderly priest in the Vatican who has done 70,000 exorcisms (so saith the news), came out with a comment where he supposedly condemned yoga as of Satan.  Yoga, said 85 year old Fr Gabriel Amorth, "works with magic and leads to evil."  And of course, some Catholics who have similar beliefs have quoted this priest - so have some news media, happy at the chance to make the church look bad.

Truth being, none of us have all the knowledge and all of us can be in error about something without making us bad people or even stupid people. 

That is, Fr Amorth is likely a good priest but like the rest of us, has his biases.  Chances are he's never done yoga and/or he may have observed some folks who were possessed or obsessed who happened to do yoga and he made a connection (for example had he asked, the possessed or obsessed person might have ridden a  bicycle as a kid also, so he could have said "riding a bicycle leads to satanic influence").  

Truly those type of errors are common and even made by our scientists as shown in the epidemiological studies which "proved" that giving birth control meds to menopausal women protected them from heart attack -- until 2 clinical studies found the opposite i.e. that birth control meds greatly raise the risk of not only heart attack, stroke and thrombosis but also significantly raise the risk of breast cancer. (One magazine pointed out two studies, one in the 1930's which gave synthetic estrogen to rats and all of them, male and female came down with breast cancer and yet, large organizations, today, ignore the connection completely). 

As an aside, our wonderful news services, which are so quick to condemn the Catholic church have failed to report the dangers of even low dose birth control to the public with the result that last I checked, there were millions of women still taking birth control medication, both for family planning and for hormone replacement therapy!

Sticking with the Bible and the words of Jesus, is a good idea in the case of Yoga  !  I am a devout Catholic who DOES yoga several times a week. I am also 67 years old and fit and yoga is part of my program.  Yoga is a wonderful inheritance from the East and can be a healthy practice. We do not have to embrace other religious beliefs to learn their good health practices. And bottom line - the words of Jesus "other sheep have I who are not members of this flock" and "Nothing that enters one from outside can defile that person; but the things that come out from within are what defile." Mark 7:15

Postscript: Fr Amorth also said that the Harry Potter books can lead to evil.  I tend to feel that, at best, those books are a horrible waste of time for kids who should be reading real literature like Tom Sawyer and Booth Tarkington.  I read a couple of Harry Potter books and while having a total absence of God, they encourage magic, some of it, black magic which could only have originated in Satan and which really can likely not lead to anything positive.  Luckily, most kids find these books boring - at least that was true of my grandkids.  Perhaps the answer to Harry Potter is for parents and teachers to gently crowd them out by suggesting worthwhile literature for children.  My emotional reaction to reading Harry Potter books was that they gave me a kind of creepy feeling.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

No altar girls?

Fr. John Lankeit, the rector of our Cathedral in Phoenix, has started a firestorm amongst the liberals when he announced that there would be no more "altar girls" serving in the Cathedral. Fr John gave his reasons to EWTN News:

"We don't discourage one or the other, but we honor them for what they are, both male and female."

"We live in a society where there is deliberate gender confusion. I want to make sure that we don't allow that to happen, especially in the Church."

Surely, this decision will incite cries of how the Catholic church is discriminating against women.

Even though, a woman has been elevated in the Catholic church to the highest position ever given a human being and that through doing something that God only allows a woman to do - be a mother. I am speaking, of course, of Our Blessed Mother, Mary.

I have always wondered how the church can be accused of discriminating against women when they have given womenhood such awesome dignity through Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

I have also wondered how women can view Our Lord, hanging on the cross, dying for our sins in a most horrible, embarrassing manner and tell Him that they only will serve Him if they can be a priest.

But I have not seen in any news articles, the bottom line and that is, that things in this universe, even such tiny things as snowflakes are not interchangeable! Each snowflake is different from every other snow flake. Indeed, the universe, scientists have found out, runs on a very tight set of rules.

Unlike other explosions, the so called "Big Bang" which is accepted by all modern scientists, atheists or not, resulted in extreme order (other explosions all have ended up in chaos!) and this order has very low "tolerances" i.e. one small change could cause the whole thing to blow up or implode!

And so in the order of the universe, men are priests and women are mothers. End of story.

I applaud Fr John's courageous decision and I hope others follow suit and do not allow themselves to be persuaded by the disorderly-ness of this society!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Priest Scandal - what is the truth here?

There are two sides of the story of the so priest scandal but we only hear one side. The media emphasizes the cases (most of which happened years ago) of priests, statistically less than 1 percent of Catholic priests have been accused of this) ignoring that as high as 50% of abortionists may have also abused those who trusted them as well as the 20% of public school teachers and countless coaches also accused. Govt statistics tell us that most se/xual abuse happens in the home (75% percent of it) by step fathers and uncles etc.

Se/xual molestation is a definite problem in our society and will continue to be a problem if we only address the 1% of those priests thusly accused, closing our eyes to the overwhelming majority of abuse which has nothing to do with priests. (I also was se/xually molested, 4 times. By my violin teacher when I was 12 years old, by a guy my mother matched me up with when I was 19 who only didn't ra/pe me by the Grace of God and my own quick thinking, by a sports coach when I was in my 30's and by a doctor I had met socially who examined my sore leg in the swimming pool and proceeded to "cop a feel"!)

That being said, when this all came up, being a Roman Catholic myself, I was curious to do some investigating to see how bad things were or were not.

I first started with the town I live in, one of the 10 largest cities in the USA.

In my area, there are 5 priests accused over the past 30 years (this was before another one recently got accused - he quit the priesthood and the Catholic church, and started his own congregation before they could prosecute him). Ok, 2 of them were defrocked, 1 of them had fled to Ireland, 1 of them was dead and 1 was currently in prison. The Bishop had acted quickly on all the cases.

Conclusion, it was not true in my diocese that anything had been "covered up". On the contrary.

But what about the priest in Boston who started the firestorm? Curious about this, I researched him on the S.N.A.P. website. They have all the PDFs of the case there and SNAP is a group of victims who are very antiCatholic. I thought it was a good place to start the research - certainly no one can accuse them of covering anything up or being biased in favor of the Catholic church.

Where I expected to find something awful, I was actually quite surprised at what I uncovered on the SNAP site!

The priest in Boston had had complaints against him for a handful of boys but when the Cardinal went to investigate, he found that the priest was well liked in his parish and that even the parents of the kids who had complained, did not uphold the testimonies of their own kids! The cardinal's hands were tied. The priest, of course, lied through his teeth but the sad thing was, the people of his parish UPHELD HIM.

Ironically, the way the cardinal ended up discovering the truth, was that he was doing a "one on one" with all priests and when he got to this priest and had lunch with him, he realized immediately, that the priest was likely guilty! The Cardinal went home from that luncheon and started proceedings to defrock the priest! It should be noted that when he fired that priest from his parish, the people of the parish staged a major demonstration against the Cardinal! None of this made the news of course. :(

Quite different from the way the media or movies like "Our Fathers" portray it, isn't it?

Bottom line, He who started our church, Jesus, was crucified as a common criminal and He was perfect. Certainly our priests and cardinals and even strong Christians cannot expect otherwise.

That is, if Jesus rode to Heaven on a cross, should we expect to ride there in a plush lined Cadillac? Can we expect to be "popular" in a society which was capable of crucifying God incarnate?

And - please understand - the media does (as Stephen King put it) go for the "gross-out" even if it means um...bending the truth. Media information should not what anyone should be making decisions based on - it should carry a disclaimer of "for entertainment only - any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental!"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Society has it's Wires Crossed?

Today's news carried a story about an abortionist who is being sued. In itself, that's not surprising but the details of the case are macabre to say the least.

First of all, the lady who is suing him and his partner is doing so because he botched her abortion and her daughter ended up living but with multiple disabilities.

The girl, now ten years old, suffers from a host of disabilities in connection with the attempted killing, including cerebral palsy, loss of function on the left side of her body, strokes, mental disability, chronic lung disease, and seizures.

So my first question is - is the mom suing him because she's sorry the kid lived? It seems like that. Dr Pendergraft who owns 5 abortion clinics and is in jail at present for extortion, was ordered to pay the mother 18 million bucks. So maybe it just is all about money but what is that young girl going to think of all of this? This is not a nice way to start off one's life and especially when one has other disabilities.

Secondly, at the hearing (which wasn't reported in any of the mainstream news sources like MSNBC but was reported in several pro life sources), the abortionist's assistant glibly says that "yes, babies are delivered in the toilet all the time and many times are still alive, wiggling around in the toilet."

One person pointed out and I'd like the answer myself to this... if this were about puppies, there would be a public outcry but this can be said about human beings and few even notice!

That is, it appears to me (and several others have noted this) that dogs have more rights and respect in our society than do human babies.

I am reminded of the passage in the Bible which says that in the latter days, "the level of sin will be so high that the hearts of many will grow cold." When we no longer care about small humans alive and drowning in a toilet, sounds like we are pretty well there.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Holy Father in Croatia - Warns about co-habitation

Don't give in to the secular mentality which views living together as a preparation for marriage, warned Pope Benedict XVI in a homily to Croatians, half a million of them who were gathered for his Mass. The Holy Father added that living together was also not a substitute for marriage. He affirmed the need to respect life from pre-born to natural death and further stated:

"Dear parents, commit yourselves always to teach your children to pray, and pray with them; draw them close to the Sacraments, especially to the Eucharist..."

Materialism is being advocated as the source of happiness, obscuring deeper human values, continued the Pope, and love has been reduced to a combination of sentimentality and "to the gratification of instinctive impulses" without commitment. Christians are called to make the commitment of marriage and deeper values and to teach this to their children and to be always open to life.

The family is a small "domestic church", said Benedict XVI.

I guess Europe has issues similar to the USA - I hope Catholics do take the Holy Father's words seriously - to stand up for the truth especially with one's family, is difficult but then, the easy way out is never the best way.

It's like Bishop Sheen said "sin is a moment of pleasure and a lifetime of pain and virtue is a moment of pain and a lifetime of joy"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Camping, the Rapture and the Atheists

On one side, we have Rev Camping who is predicting the rapture as happening some time this year (he's had to revise his prediction since May 22 2011 came and went and no Christians were raptured that we know about, much to the amusement of the secular media). For those unfamiliar with the Rapture doctrine, this teaches that before things get really bad on the earth, God will scoop up the Christians into Heaven (without them dying first)! Pictures of the rapture depict people being raised up into the air. This is basically a misinterpretation of the book of Revelations and also a misinterpretation of something Jesus said which when read in context means something totally different. But it's certainly a pleasant idea as an easy exit out of a troubled and increasingly violent society and Americans especially like easy.

On the other side there are the agnostics, the atheists and even other Christians who are more conservative, who have found Rev Camping's predictions to be the greatest source of mirth since the "dead baby jokes" became passe'.

In my opinion, they both could be said to be 'barking up the wrong tree'. For the atheists etc, they might take into consideration that Christianity has been around for a long time and still is growing in numbers despite their best efforts to abort this. And as this article points out, atheists and agnostics often don't tend to "believe in nothing" but rather, they have been known to embrace occult beliefs and other superstitions which have been long discarded by Christians. As Chesterton pointed out "When man ceases believing in God, he doesn't believe in nothing but rather will believe anything!"

Does that mean the Christians who believe in the rapture, are closer to the truth then at least about the future? Not exactly. The idea of escaping the suffering and embracing the cross have been lost from the rapture doctrine which while pleasant to believe, does not seem to be following what Jesus told us to do and that is to quite literally, "Take up your cross and follow Me"

Those of us who follow Jesus were never promised a Rose Garden or an easy escape either. We were rather promised a cross which if we embrace it, would help carry on our Lord's work as well as helping us to become closer to the Divine, so that when we die and enter Heaven, Jesus will say "Well done good and faithful servant!"

Friday, April 29, 2011

God hits the mainstream media during the Royal Wedding!

I am watching the wedding of William and Kate which has a church service looking very Catholic, splashed across the secular media (and to be encored several times today - i.e. on TLC)! And in Times Square, there are thousands of folks watching the live broadcast ---- a CHURCH service preaching about --- GOD on a media which is trying so hard to delete God!!!! God is not only kind and merciful - He is downright CUTE!!!

Imagine as ONE THIRD OF THE WORLD WATCHED, on secular TV and in usually God-less NY Times Square, the following religious speech delivered by the ArchBishop of London!

"As the reality of God has faded from so many lives in the West, there has been a corresponding increase in expectations that personal relations alone will supply meaning and happiness in life. This is to load our partner with too great a burden. We all are incomplete, we all need the Love which is secure rather than oppressive. We need mutual forgiveness in order to thrive. But as we move towards our partner in love, following the example of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is quickened within us. And can increasingly fill our lives with light. This leads on to a family life which offers the best conditions in which the next generation can receive and exchange those gifts which can overcome fear and division and incubate the coming world of the Spirit whose fruits are love and joy and peace. I pray that all of us present and the many millions watching and sharing in this ceremony and in your joy today, will do everything in our power to support and uphold you in your new life. And I pray that God will bless you in the way of life that you have chosen. That way which is expressed in the prayer that you have composed together in preparation for this day. "God our Father, we thank You for our families, for the love that we share, and for the joy of our marriage. In the busy-ness of each day, keep our eyes fixed on what is real and important in life and help us to be generous with our time and love, and energy. Strengthened by our union, help us to love and comfort those who suffer. We ask this in the Spirit of Jesus Christ!" And we all say 'AMEN'!"

The bride is wearing a modest wedding dress by the way, not one of those strapless things brides seem to favor today! The music is beautiful and very sacred!

And the atheists really think they can keep God off the networks? NOT! I love it!!!! Yay God!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Joseph - state murder or not?

Baby Joseph is a 13 month old baby who is on life support and in a vegetative state (the five main areas of his brain have been damaged by a severe degenerative neurological condition). In the hospital, his parents want to take him home to die "in their arms" but the state has issued a court order to pull out the respirator and "let nature take its course" and the pro life movement is going ballistic, comparing the case to the regrettable murder of Terry Schiavo.

However, it's not the same. Schiavo was severely handicapped but from neurologists who examined her case history and even from films on the website, not in a persistent vegetative state - she was non verbal but teased her doctor and followed with her eyes and smiled at her parents. A neurologist in Florida opined that she could have been rehabbed and he had in fact, rehabbed several cases with similar CT scan results. And Schiavo was an adult whose rights should not have been turned over to her divorced estranged husband. She breathed on her own and they enforced her starving to death by pulling her feeding tube and stationing 5 police officers on guard around the bed to prevent family from feeding her by mouth (she could eat soft foods by mouth and of course, could take liquids). That was first degree murder and sadly the whole country stood by and watched.

Baby Joseph needs a trach to be allowed to leave the hospital. The doctors say that they know a lot more about trachs and that he could die on the table and secondly, probably wonder if his parents want to see him bleeding from the trach, his insides ripping up and suctioning the trach tube every 2 hours etc. So in this case, there might be a medical reason to withdraw the respirator.

However, the pro life movement is comparing it to Schiavo and there is really no resemblance. Terry was not dying and could have been rehabbed. Baby Joseph is dying. Terry was not really vegetative but rather non verbal and severely handicapped. But Baby Joseph is vegetative.

Here are a couple of comments which were very relevant on one of the news sites:

From Doug in Canada:
It's hard not to get choked up reading about kids like this.It hits everyone hard.This is the sad part of life.But it is life in the real world. Lord knows if this was my child,I would likely be hanging on to the very last breath too. But here's the thing.First,the father wants the child to die a "natural" death.In truth,isn't it already to late for that? Were it not for medical intervention,he would probably not have survived this long.Prolonging the suffering of this child is not something they are doing for the child,the parents are doing that for themselves. Saying good-bye to your child is the worst of all horrors, and one that no one wants to face.But there are times when you have to let go.If this child cannot recover from this,the sooner the parents face that reality,the better it will be for everyone. Every life counts.But prolonging the suffering of someone incurable,is just plain cruel.And not only that,the resources that the health care system spends trying to prolong a life that seems lost already,could be far better used to save a child who can be saved. Logic and reason aside,my heart goes out to all those involved.I readily concede that it's easier to use logic and reason when you're far removed from the family,and the pain they must be in.It's not easy to use logic and reason when the issue is about your family.While I don't think prolonging this child's suffering is the right thing to do,I can't criticize this family unless I walk in their shoes.

From Rick in SJ
Playing God?? Oh you guys are having it backwards. ... It is because of medicine and modern science that this child is as old as he is now. For them to pull the plug is not playing God, for when the plug IS pulled...isn't it "the will of God" that will take him from them? If he wanted the child to live, he would have him breathing on his own and etc.You are thinking this backwards. I almost lost a son too when he was 2 months of age and had the doctors told me that he wouldn't have lived, and given the objective information (no reflexes, full vegetative state) I would have done what they asked...they are PROFESSIONALS who deal with life and death every day...there isn't emotion attached to this.

Bottom line, perhaps we should pick our battles more carefully. While this is a sad case, it may not be the one to make a media event to prove a point which may not even be relevant to the pro life cause.

Breaking news: Baby Joseph may be moved to a Detroit hospital, sources now say.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Can lying for a good purpose be justified? Hard choices

Lately the question has been raised among theologians whether it was moral for Lila Rose to go into Planned Parenthood clinics, posing as a under-aged "lady of the night" working for her p/imp in order to video employees of Planned Parenthood, supporting this type of lifestyle with birth control and abortion.

Sadly whereas the murder of millions of babies hardly raises an eyebrow anymore, the exploitation of children for se/xual purposes is considered intrinsically wrong in all circles, pro choice as well as pro life. And so Lila Rose's videos have raised public awareness of the possibility of Planned Parenthood not being a 'good for society' group. (Abby Johnson's book, UNPLANNED also has raised a lot of awareness).

However, that some good might come from LiveAction's campaign, only confirms that God can work good out of anything but does not in itself, argue for the morality of the idea of -what some are calling - "lying for Jesus".

Mark Shea brings out in his excellent blogs, "Dawn Eden is right..." and "Last Comment about Lying for Jesus" that the Catholic Catechism states that lying is always "intrinsically evil", among many other excellent points.

The American Catholic had an article by Joe Hargrave entitled "My Problem with Lila Rose" which is worth reading. He questions whether the entrapment of a couple of Planned Parenthood employees agreeing with potential customers is really proof of Planned Parenthood supporting exploitation of children.

The questions raised by these articles have been mine from the beginning. St Ignatius Loyola in his "Spiritual Exercises" states that no ends, regardless of how meritorious, justify immoral means.

Would God really require us to be immoral, even for a "good purpose"? I would say, "NO". And the fact that those videos are of questionable morality for Christians, puts the pro life movement in a shaky position. It is true, for example, that the demise of George Tiller meant a lot less full term or almost full term babies murdered but does anyone sanction that? Murder is prohibited in the Ten Commandments but so is lying. Sticking to our Christian morality sometimes presents us with very hard choices but as believers, we have to believe that Christian morality will always work out the best, regardless of less moral methodology seeming to be appropriate at times.

For example, is the classic "white lie" really appropriate...that is, is it right for husband to answer his somewhat chubby wife's question about her looking fat in a certain outfit with a lie? Or is there another way? For example, would it not be better, rather than lying about something she can see about herself, to say as my husband said when I was clinically obese - "You always look good to me regardless of what size you are!" Which ended up making me feel a lot better than a lie would have done. (Now that I am no longer clinically obese, he STILL says in answer to my comment about looking fat in a photo, with "You look good to me, now as you did, THEN!".

No one is judging any individuals here. The Mercy of God always is at work and none of us are totally right, no matter how hard we try to be. But I think Christians and pro lifers would hold a stronger position simply in combating evil with truth.

For example, I found it very effective to stand outside of a High school and hand out "informed consent" booklets about abortion. Students seeing medical information would ask "are you for or against abortion?" And evading the question (this is called "reservation" and not a sin), I would say "I am just providing the medical information to help folks make the decision which would work the best for them." Most of them took my informed consent information which in itself, will talk many out of choosing abortion. I have literally stopped ladies from going into Planned Parenthood by asking them "Did you know that abortion greatly raises the risk for breast cancer?" (this is supported in 38 worldwide studies including the clinical studies of pro choice scientist, Janet Daling).

I think ... no, rather, I feel confident, we can stop the murder of millions of babies by simply providing the public with the medical truth about the abortion procedure without wandering into morally questionable areas.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pro life article in the NY times?

I knew that would get your attention. Well, I was rather shocked that the Times, the bastion of pro abortion views in the city where several times more babies are aborted than born, would print something which gives a more balanced view on abortion but it has happened. It's in a blog by Ross Douthat, not a mainstream article, but still, blogs do get crawled. As a person working in the diocese of Phoenix wrote "Maybe the truth keeps knocking until we are embarrassed not to answer!"

The blog talks about the new show on MTV about women facing decisions which seem (according to MTV anyway) best solved by abortion. I didn't watch the show because I knew right up front, it would totally annoy me.

Blogger ROSS DOUTHAT said although the view of MTV was, pro choice, the first show turned out to be "a heartbreaking spectacle, whatever your perspective."

He talks about shortage of babies available for adoption, partially because only a small percentage of single mothers are not keeping their babies. But Ross does add that "Since 1973, countless lives that might have been welcomed into families like Thernstrom’s — which looked into adoption, and gave it up as hopeless — have been cut short in utero instead."

Another thing, Ross brought up about the show was the euphemistic de-humanizing way the abortion industry talks about the baby. Expressions like "fetus" or "baby" are carefully avoided and the baby is referred to as "the pregnancy problem" which is just a "ball of cells".

However, apparently the pregnant woman on the show has realized it is a baby because she begins crying when her boyfriend calls her baby a "thing".

Sadly, she went ahead with the abortion because like many other women, she didn't see a way out. However, life is always the best way out and unfortunately, we often find out all too late that nothing is solved by the termination of a life - that only adds to the difficulty of a situation. One only has to listen to a small sampling of the thousands of women in the Silent no more awareness campaign to realize that abortion causes many more heartaches than going through with a pregnancy.

I did like Ross's conclusion though. It was:

"This is the paradox of America’s unborn. No life is so desperately sought after, so hungrily desired, so carefully nurtured. And yet no life is so legally unprotected, and so frequently destroyed."

Imagine that in a blog of the New York Times. As the old saying goes, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus". That is, this is not a bad way to start a new year, in which we hopefully will progress toward ending the mass execution of the unborn.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Details on the Bishop's decision about St Josephs Hospital

This video is the best I've seen for details - it should answer any questions:

News Conference at the Diocesan Pastoral Center, Dec. 21, 2010 from Diocese of Phoenix on Vimeo.

The Diocese of Phoenix held a news conference today announcing that St. Joseph's Hospital can no longer identify itself as Catholic.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Bishop and the Hospital

In a controversial decision (at least according to the news services), Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted revoked his consent for St. Joseph’s Hospital to use the name Catholic because he cannot verify that the hospital will provide authentically Catholic health care in accord with the teachings of the Church.

Bishop launched a website to explain why.

His reasons are as follows:

  • St. Joseph’s Hospital’s sanctioning and performing a direct abortion in late 2009,
  • and
  • St. Joseph’s admitting to being in formal cooperation in abortions, sterilizations and contraceptive services administered through their Mercy Care Plan — a $2 billion endeavor covering about 368,000 of Arizona’s poor.

Let's talk about the first one because the second reason is a no brainer. NOTE: The Bishop never said that St Joseph's was not a good hospital or that you will not get good health care there. He merely wants to warn Catholics that it's no longer a Catholic hospital i.e. St Joseph's is not delivering care according to Catholic church teachings on life issues!

The concern of the doctors was not an immediate emergency with the lady with pulmonary hypertension (for whom the Sister approved an abortion) but rather that in a number of cases with this disorder, during childbirth, women have been observed going into respiratory shock leading to death a few days after delivery.

In other words, there was no medical emergency with the pregnancy but in the case of a high risk pregnancy, doctors will always suggest aborting the baby.

This is effectually saying that the mother's life is worth more than the baby's life. But the Catholic church disagrees. We do not rate one life as worth more than another, and we cannot sanction willful murder of one life to make life "less risky" for another human.

The bottom line may come from the Jesuit Spiritual Exercises which remind us that no immoral means justify any ends, even the best of ends.

As my Jesuit Spiritual advisor, Fr John Becker, would say in answer to ANY arguments in favor of abortion, "But it’s murder!"

It is interesting to note that when St Gianna Molla, a pediatrician was pregnant and developed a tumor, she was given the same advice by her doctors that the lady with pulmonary hypertension was given, to abort the child.

St Gianna told them whatever the case, save the baby. St Gianna developed septicemia after her delivery of a little girl (who is now, like her mother, a physician) and died about two weeks after delivery.

And now the church honors her AS St Gianna, a model for all of us. Her daughter whose life was saved by her mother's decision, was present when her mother was canonized by John Paul II.

Truly, as a mother, I would not want to buy my life with the life of my baby. If God wants me or the baby (or both) to live, He will allow it. If not, we, as Catholics do believe that His Divine Providence is a perfect plan.

That is why the Bishop decided what he did and I applaud his decision. He is courageous and standing up for Our Lord and what our church teaches.