Monday, March 18, 2013

Less kids than dogs in our society

A pew research study was quoted by predictor of demographic doom, Jonathan Last... Last recently published a book called "What to Expect when no one is Expecting" and apparently, that got the attention of the media pundits since articles about his predictions appeared in several news sources.

Last is a father himself and he says, the research showing there are more dogs in the USA than kids is troubling - not because kids are missed (Last maintains that child-free folks who dote on their dogs are happier than parents of kids) but because we are getting a situation of elderly living longer with less and less young folks to pay into the Social Security system.  Whereas 140 some workers supported each retiree in the 1940's, today, 3 or less workers support each retiree and if the trend continues, it will bankrupt the system.

The less children trend is world-wide, Last points out.  (Other studies have found that that whereas the USA is just at replacement rate, most of Europe is below replacement rate).

The reasons for less kids as stated by the author Last, are: "Higher divorce rates, cohabitation outside marriage, effective birth control, legalization of abortion, women in the workplace, delayed marriage and motherhood and the exploding costs of raising children."

What no one takes in consideration though is the Islam populations are at a high replacement rate since they neither believe in birth control or abortion, suggesting that if THAT trend continues, , in the not so distant future, we all will have to wear head coverings, and freedom of religion will be history etc.

Most Americans don't want to see the possibility of a "Demographic Collapse" coming. For example, one person from Harvard, quoted, stated that young people with no kids are better workers in the workforce.

The good news in all of this (if there is any) is that perhaps is if Americans think it's hurting them in the pocketbook, they might do something about it, although Russia's attempts to get folks to have more kids, even offering them money to do this, have so far have not been really successful.

And the elephant in the room, is, of course, the solution to too many elderly people is already implemented where euthanasia is legal.  That was, of course, Hitler's solution, also.  "He who does not study history is doomed to repeat it!"