Friday, April 29, 2011

God hits the mainstream media during the Royal Wedding!

I am watching the wedding of William and Kate which has a church service looking very Catholic, splashed across the secular media (and to be encored several times today - i.e. on TLC)! And in Times Square, there are thousands of folks watching the live broadcast ---- a CHURCH service preaching about --- GOD on a media which is trying so hard to delete God!!!! God is not only kind and merciful - He is downright CUTE!!!

Imagine as ONE THIRD OF THE WORLD WATCHED, on secular TV and in usually God-less NY Times Square, the following religious speech delivered by the ArchBishop of London!

"As the reality of God has faded from so many lives in the West, there has been a corresponding increase in expectations that personal relations alone will supply meaning and happiness in life. This is to load our partner with too great a burden. We all are incomplete, we all need the Love which is secure rather than oppressive. We need mutual forgiveness in order to thrive. But as we move towards our partner in love, following the example of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is quickened within us. And can increasingly fill our lives with light. This leads on to a family life which offers the best conditions in which the next generation can receive and exchange those gifts which can overcome fear and division and incubate the coming world of the Spirit whose fruits are love and joy and peace. I pray that all of us present and the many millions watching and sharing in this ceremony and in your joy today, will do everything in our power to support and uphold you in your new life. And I pray that God will bless you in the way of life that you have chosen. That way which is expressed in the prayer that you have composed together in preparation for this day. "God our Father, we thank You for our families, for the love that we share, and for the joy of our marriage. In the busy-ness of each day, keep our eyes fixed on what is real and important in life and help us to be generous with our time and love, and energy. Strengthened by our union, help us to love and comfort those who suffer. We ask this in the Spirit of Jesus Christ!" And we all say 'AMEN'!"

The bride is wearing a modest wedding dress by the way, not one of those strapless things brides seem to favor today! The music is beautiful and very sacred!

And the atheists really think they can keep God off the networks? NOT! I love it!!!! Yay God!!!