Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mr President, the American people can read

The protesters to the so called Health Care reform of Obama's, are not (as Obama says) "lying" or "terrorists" but simply asking questions about things stated IN THE BILL for which we have received NO ANSWERS TO DATE other than to trust Obama which is hard to do with ANY politician and especially one who has broken a lot of his campaign promises very early in his term. The following blog - by a lady who read EVERY WORD of the health care bill (HR 3200) expresses well, concerns and questions many of us have. Now can anyone really ANSWER these concerns with other than calling us liars and conspirators and terrorists or telling us to "trust Obama"?

Mr. President -- American Citizens Can Read . . . .

Most Americans, including Republicans, favor real health care reform . . . . we just don't want a government takeover of our health care . . . and neither do the majority of the American people. The townhalls (those not staged, that is) show frustration more than anger. Are you listening? People want reform, not a dismantling of the system. Where are the true reforms like limiting malpractice? Where are the efforts to cut down the real fraud committed by some?

Why are many concerned citizens (including many moderate democrats and independents) being stereotyped as a vast right wing "unAmerican" conspiracy "mob." You disparage those who disagree with you by stating they created the problem and you don't want to hear from them.. . . so they need to sit down and shut up. Those were not your exact words, but it certainly is the message you conveyed.

You campaigned on the promise of a more transparent and open government . . . so far, I see little evidence of any CHANGE . . . except for more behind the scenes negotiations to further a very liberal agenda. The health care reform issue only highlights that you believe when citizens ask questions -- it is enough to just say . . . "Trust me, health care reform will reduce costs, expand coverage, and improve quality." Well, Mr. President, that is NOT enough! Apparently, the idea that American citizens would actually read the proposed bills and ask SPECIFIC questions never occurred to you.

Believe it or not, private citizens are intelligent and understand that under the government plan costs will go up -- not down -- and the only way government can control costs is through additional taxes and by rationing services. The House bill creates a new “Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research” to gather data and to determine which treatments and drugs are the most cost-effective in handling particular medical cases. Would you please explain how a panel of “experts” (chosen by politicians) who establish a standardized one-size-fits-all treatment based on their cost effectiveness will improve the health of American citizens? Cost effective to whom?

Would you explain why a new Health Care Commissioner, appointed by you, Mr. President, would have the unprecedented authority to determine what is "acceptable" health care coverage and establish the rules for what ALL health care coverage MUST include. And be honest, doesn't that MUST include coverage include abortions? If it does not, why are there attempts to block amendments that specifically prohibit the use of tax-payers money for abortions? The Health Care Commissioner which you will be appointment will also have the authority to determine what treatments patients could receive and at what cost. Who would you appoint as the new Commissioner to have this awesome responsibility? One of your present "czars" perhaps? Personally, I have concerns about the ideologies of some of these "advisers."

Would you please explain how "if we like our current insurance, we can keep it" will not be affected by the requirement that private insurers must comply with new coverage and underwriting rules in order to offer insurance? Oh, by-the-way, was the 5-year grace period included in the House bill so you could publicly state this claim? Would it not be more honest to say "if we like our current insurance, it is grandfathered for 5-years?"

Would you please explain why health insurance should be mandatory for ALL but only cost those who can afford to pay for it? Most Americans cannot really afford health insurance -- but responsible citizens make health care a priority and "budget" for the cost. Compassionate citizens acknowledge there are some who absolutely cannot pay for their health care and agree that taxpayers should. But Mr. President, do you really expect the American people not to complain when they see recipients of Medicaid, food stamps, free school lunches, subsidized-housing, etc. wearing $140.00 tennis shoes, designer jeans, carrying cell-phones and I-pods? Since many of those presently uninsured will be going into Medicaid programs, shouldn't some attempt be made for abuse prevention? How many of the uninsured which will be covered under this reform are not even in this country legally? Now that's abusive -- to average, everyday, tax-paying citizens.

While you are at it, would you give the American people an estimate of how much this health care reform is going to "grow government" -- I came up with at least 3 new agencies, a powerful new Commissioner, 3 or 4 advisory panels, 2 task forces, and a medical device registry, before I gave up the count ! ! ! And you really want the American people to believe that the government is not going to micro-manage their health care? Really?

And, by-the-way, isn't the authority of the HHS Secretary to use electronic transactions to determine an individual's financial responsibility AT THE POINT OF SERVICE, including whether the individual is "eligible for a specific service, with a specific physician, at a specific facility" just a little invasive on American citizens? To say nothing of being an administrating nightmare? Is it really necessary when a machine-readable health plan benefits identification card will be issued as set out in the House bill?

These are only some of the questions which American citizens would like to have answered. Would you please enlighten us with some truthful detailed answers instead of the partial truths and meaningless talking points we continue to hear. Yes, Mr. President, Americans can read . . . . and buckets with holes will not hold water!

I am signing my real name . . . just in case someone forwards this information by email to others who might view this text as "fishy."

-- Diana Schwab --

Thanks for Diana for her permission to share...