Monday, August 29, 2016

Abortion and Down's Syndrome

Here is one of my favorite stories, a true one told by an Austrian Doctor:

On a cold morning in Austria, only two babies were born in a certain hospital. One was physically perfect, a little boy - bright and strong.  The other, a little girl might not have made it to birth in our times - she was a Downs Syndrome baby.

When the two grew up, the little girl lived with her parents, worked to help support them and took care of them in their old age.

The little boy grew up to be Adolph Hitler.

In our times, the little girl would have likely died before birth or soon after, as most Downs Syndrome babies are either aborted or 'euthanized' after birth through starvation. Indeed, the baby whose death witnessed by Patricia Shafer, a pro choice nurse working for Dr Haskell, spurred the nurse on to Congress to testify against the cruel partial birth abortion, this little girl was a Downs Syndrome being aborted in late term pregnancy.

In retrospect though, in considering the story above, a true one told by a doctor who delivered the babies, which baby added to the world, the Downs Syndrome or Hitler?  And if one chose a baby to abort, which would have been the better choice?

A strong witness for the fact that no one can make a 'good' choice of death for another as well as a strong proof of the fact that being mentally challenged is of little consequence when judging 'human worth' or contribution to society.