Monday, June 6, 2011

Holy Father in Croatia - Warns about co-habitation

Don't give in to the secular mentality which views living together as a preparation for marriage, warned Pope Benedict XVI in a homily to Croatians, half a million of them who were gathered for his Mass. The Holy Father added that living together was also not a substitute for marriage. He affirmed the need to respect life from pre-born to natural death and further stated:

"Dear parents, commit yourselves always to teach your children to pray, and pray with them; draw them close to the Sacraments, especially to the Eucharist..."

Materialism is being advocated as the source of happiness, obscuring deeper human values, continued the Pope, and love has been reduced to a combination of sentimentality and "to the gratification of instinctive impulses" without commitment. Christians are called to make the commitment of marriage and deeper values and to teach this to their children and to be always open to life.

The family is a small "domestic church", said Benedict XVI.

I guess Europe has issues similar to the USA - I hope Catholics do take the Holy Father's words seriously - to stand up for the truth especially with one's family, is difficult but then, the easy way out is never the best way.

It's like Bishop Sheen said "sin is a moment of pleasure and a lifetime of pain and virtue is a moment of pain and a lifetime of joy"