Sunday, May 15, 2016

What does the Holy Spirit do, anyway?

So today is Pentecost and I, like your average, less than knowledgeable- Catholic, found myself wondering "What does the Holy Spirit really do, anyway?"  I prayed and found the answer on - where else - EWTN TV.  Here is a prayer to the Holy Spirit that St John Paul prayed daily... enjoy!

Oh Holy Spirit,
I ask You for the Gift of Wisdom, that I may know You and Your Divine Perfection better
...for the Gift of Understanding that I may understand better the mysteries of the Holy Faith
...for the gift of knowledge that I might be guided in life by the principles,of our Faith,
...for the gift of Counsel that I may seek and find your counsel in all things
...for the Gift of Fortitude to keep me inseparably with you undaunted by fear or worldly attachment
...for the gift of piety that I may always serve Your Majesty with a son's love
...for the gift of Fear of the Lord that I may dread sin which offends You, O my God
All these through Christ our Lord...Amen
(St Pope John Paul)