Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Catholic church becoming liberal? Don't hold your breath!

A blog on CNN suggested that the Pope would be changing the church toward more liberalism but this was not confirmed by anything he said, nor any of his homilies.

The video I am sending said the Pope called for "great changes" in the church but the vatican "expert" interviewed said nothing of the sort and if feeding the poor is what they mean, the Catholic church already feeds 3/4 of the world's poor and hungry, a fact conveniently "forgotten" by the secular media.

The Holy Father simply said that the church needs to reach out to people - be more Evangelistic -  his remark about not getting caught up in "unimportant details" which I feel was grossly misinterpreted by the liberal media, did not mean lowering Eucharistic standards or making the Catholic church into "Catholic lite" as in more tolerant of sin.  The CNN blogger actually referred to the church asking pro abortion politicians to refrain from receiving Holy Communion as "wafer wars"  (** sigh **) and said he thought the Pope might, in the future, allow politicians supporting abortion to receive the Eucharist - my reaction to this would be, don't hold your breath for this to happen. 
So bottom line, I would not waste much time with his blog however, the news video at this site seems a bit more accurate and it's good to be aware of what the media is saying about our church so we can provide corrections to it.

Of course, the Holy Father is very evangelistic as we also should be, but he is also very strong on good doctrine and upholding Catholic teachings!

Seems in the media, they are either dissing him or perpetuating - shall we say to be nice - inaccuracies (hmmm) about him.

Here's the link: and it's CNN but think of it this way, people probably won't bother reading the article and just seeing the photo or watching the video will remind them of church, especially those who have been lax in their Sunday attendance.

God works all good for those who love Him!

I believe the link below will take you right to the video....