Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time for the sleeping Majority to wake up and get activist

Obama's new strategy

Recently President Obama has come out strongly, saying he will work to destroy the protections for traditional marriage. (The Protection of Marriage Act was signed by President Clinton). The Gay and Lesbian community is delighted of course. And nasty. On Facebook, I expressed concern about Obama receiving the Peace Prize and one "friend" who is gay, and supposedly a long time friend in real life, has dropped both myself and hubby from his friendship.

I asked myself why our president is catering to this small minority and then, I realized why.

They may be a small minority but they have learned what the Christian majority has NOT YET learned and that is that activism works.

The Gay and Lesbian community unlike the mostly sleeping passive Christians, is loud and "in your face" and activist and Obama figures they will help him trample on Christian morals and rights -- again.

In the meantime, Congress is rushing through, Healthcare "reform" which is actually pushing us toward a government option which will pay for killing babies in the womb but NOT PAY FOR procedures for the elderly (they have in place a board which will figure out the cost vs the "years of life left" and pay or not pay on that basis).

Republicans have been totally shut out of the sessions formulating these bills and Democrats are hoping that they have enough of a majority to push it through Congress. They are "fast tracking it" as a "budget reform" bill.

Who will pay for the 850 billion bucks it will cost in the next 10 years? Mostly the middle class in greatly raised premiums and taxes. (Obama promised to NOT stick it to the middle class but of course, his promises are worthless).

What is their hope? That the Christians will stay apathetic and passive and will forget about being trampled on, in 6 months when the 2010 election happens.

Are they right about this? What IS going to make us angry enough to vote EN MASSE and get rid of these no good politicians and especially this president? What is going to make us angry enough to stop abortion, to stop the mass killing of babies? What is going to make us angry enough to put some REAL pressure on Congress to behave themselves and stop trampling upon, not only the majority of Americans but also all the values upon which this country was founded?

There is a famous story about a Christian church during the holocaust - this church was located close to a railroad, where trains ran carrying hundreds of Jews and others, screaming for help, to the place where they were tortured and killed. If a train ran by during the service, the minister would simply tell the organist to "play louder" so to drown out the cries of agonizing humans.

Are we who continue to allow these unspeakable acts against the very most vulnerable of human beings, all that different from the folks in the German church?

This is how sick these people are - this woman, a late term abortionist, describes untold horrors about abortion and says abortionists should "get honest" about the "downsides" so they can "continue to help women". This was published in a medical journal called "Reproductive Health"

Lisa Harris describes aborting a second trimester pre born baby while she was pregnant

Please watch this clip from "Judgment in Nuremberg" - if we do not fight this holocaust of human unborn which is beginning to extend to the elderly and handicapped, then we are also allowing it to happen and are a party to unspeakable crime!

Remember, Germany's problems started with the legalization of abortion, 20 years before the Jewish holocaust and then, with the election of a power drunk individual who sold himself and his administration on economic issues.

"Who does not study history is doomed to repeat it"

"All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to remain silent" (Raymond Burke)

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