Tuesday, April 17, 2012

St Teresa chain letter?

A chain letter keeps popping up, claiming to be a prayer written by "St Theresa". It includes a New Age sounding prayer and warns the receiver (like all chain letters) to pass it on for "good luck" or that they will receive what they have been waiting for etc. First of all, there IS NO Catholic saint named "Theresa". There is a St Teresa of Avila and a St Therese of Lisieux (notice the difference in spelling). And neither of these, both of whom lived in the 19th century would have been involved with a computer chain letter or would have written a New Age prayer. Secondly, chain letters in general, are not a good idea. Third, God is not a vending machine. Prayer brings a person peace but not any kind of wish fulfillment or "good luck". If you get this letter, please send the link to my blog to the person who sent it,rather than perpetuating it. BTW, if you do share a forward, please do your friends the favor of removing all email addresses from the body of the email.

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