Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kelly Klinger - post abortion traumatic stress

Kelly Clinger, (here pictured with her husband, Matt), a lovely young lady was a backup singer for Britney Spears. In her early twenty's she had two abortions.  After the second abortion, she suffered greatly - she suffering a lot of pain and bleeding.  (25% of abortions come with serious complications - it is surgery)  Two weeks after her second abortion, she made an appointment with her doctor and the doctor put her under anesthesia - when she woke up, her doctor was crying and she asked why.  "You had an abortion didn't you?" her doctor asked. "Yes," Kelly admitted.  Her doctor continued, "I found two tiny hands and feet inside of you!"

After the physical healing, she suffered a lot of psychological damage - nightmares, and self hatred - she felt that she had terminated her baby and felt very bad about it.  She also got into some substance abuse.  Going on a weekend for healing after abortion, she began to heal but was upset that she was not told of what could happen after an abortion.  She wrote her story in her blog which was re-published by Lifesite News and included the following:

"I have given up hope that the past could have been different.  I cannot change what I did.  Every bible study, counseling session, and prayer seems to just be a band-aid over a wound that will never heal.So, I will be a voice for my children who only know heaven.  I will be a voice for the millions of women who live in regret, guilt, self-hatred and fear of being “found out”.  I will be painfully honest about every feeling I have, and I will stand up for life even when it’s unpopular and politically incorrect.  So, please spare me your pro-life/pro-choice arguments.  I know what I saw.  I know how I feel.  I will never be the same.  I will never get over it."

Her blog was translated into 25 languages and within 2 weeks of her writing it, it had been viewed by thousands of people Kelly had found Jesus and she felt her life was changed in a beautiful way. She and her husband gave up drinking and she decided to be a spokesperson for "Silent no more", a organization for aborted women who regret their abortions.   Kelly and her husband have two girls now - named, Goodness and Mercy.  Their girls were named after the 23rd psalm "Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow you the rest of your life".

Kelly and Matt, her husband, were speakers at the West Coast walk for life.  If you missed it, you can catch it at

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