Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pope inspires more Mass attendance

Today, the church was filled and I figured it must be Pope Francis, who has charmed everyone. (above pictured celebrating Mass)

Then, just before the Mass had ended, one of the guys from St Vincent dePaul's got up and asked for donations - everyone knows St Vincent's helps a lot of people (even Time magazine admitted that the Catholic church feeds 3/4 of the hungry).  And yet, people started getting up and leaving.

After the Mass exodus (pun intended), what was left in church, was the usual group we see at Sunday Mass.

Like Pope Benedict said, there will be a smaller but more ardent group who continue to be Catholic.

Touchy-feel-y is nice but that's not what Christianity is all about - it's sacrificing for others (which the Pope has emphasized in a few of his homilies) and eventually or not so eventually, embracing the Cross in our own lives.  Like Jesus says "Unless you pick up your cross and follow Me, you are not worthy of Me".

Too bad, God couldn't design an easier way but then, He came to be one of us - which must have been horrendous - think what it would be like to be a cockroach and still retain our human brains - well we are much closer to cockroaches than God is to us, but and I guess this all, will make sense when we get to Heaven.  And whatever He would plan for me, I'd love Him anyway because what's not to love about God?

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