Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The astounding facts of Planned Parenthood spending

Planned Parenthood reported 127 million dollars in revenue profits over their expenses last year... Cecile Richards, the CEO of Planned Parenthood, admitted her annual salary was over a half million dollars.  Congressional investigators discovered that Planned Parenthood diverted 22 million dollars into their lobbying arm, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and that their annual budget is over 3 billion bucks!  

So it's a puzzlement why our government is contributing 1/2 a billion dollars of our tax money, to this extremely profitable company!

One of the Republicans said he counted 151 times, that Cecile Richards and her team visited the White House in the past six years...Ms Richards called the producer of the underground videos a coward for not attending those meetings but the Congressman said that the producer of the videos was not invited... These several videos exposed how Planned Parenthood is increasing their profits by selling fetal body parts to medical research 

Some folks have questions about defunding Planned Parenthood and Margery Dannenfelter answered a few of these......

Question: Will women who cannot afford health care suffer if Planned Parenthood is defunded?

Dannenfelter answered, "For every Planned Parenthood clinic, there are 20 federally qualified community health centers, so if Planned Parenthood loses its tax money, that tax money will go those centers where women will get more comprehensive health care...the change that will be made is that the federal government will be no longer involved in the abortion business which is at the heart of the Planned Parenthood business model"

Question, will the federally funded community health centers be overwhelmed if this happens?

Dannenfelter answered, "no, because if this change occurs, every health center that receives this money will only have to see 2 women per week extra....that's not a heavy lift and those two women per week will be far more conveniently and far more comprehensively cared for because they will not be going to Planned Parenthood anymore..."

Question, why is the federal government funding this wealthy organization (Planned Parenthood) that gets millions from wealthy donors?

Dannenfelter answered "Well, this is the big question! Planned Parenthood runs a surplus every year... they don't need our money...they are the largest abortion provider in the nation...and our tax dollars fund that big abortion business while they run a surplus... they simply don't need the cash..."

She added that Planned Parenthood's pre-natal care, is 1 to 2 percent while their abortion care is 98% of what they do...

Fr Steve Imbarrato of Priests for life, was a party to two abortions, twins of a girl he got pregnant.before he was in the seminary. (abortion creates many victims besides the unborn child.) Now, he is involved in protesting abortion ...doing sidewalk counseling and also,  prayers of exorcism outside Planned Parenthood clinics. The Pastor of Sacred Heart parish in Albuquerque, NM,  he was a late life vocation and has a business background.... he tells us, "Protest abortion!"

In the 20 minutes of the "Defending life" program on EWTN, there were over 900 abortions, worldwide...

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