Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sentimentality about the Latin Mass?

With all due respect, I grew up Protestant/agnostic. But I searched for God for years. Mostly, I had Catholic friends but even the intelligent ones could say nothing about their religion except three things. 1. If you eat meat on Friday and die before you can get to confession, you will go to h-ll, 2. If you don't get to church on Sunday, and die before you can get to confession, you go to h-ll, and 3. Unbaptzed babies go to a place similar to the Buddhist Nirvana, called Limbo.  No one could give me a reason WHY they believed these things! When I ended up in private instruction because a kindly nearby priest had ministered to my mother and we were instructed from the Baltimore Catechism, I was truly astonished at the beauty and logic of the religion but when attending the then Latin Mass, in 1962-63, I was shocked at the behavior of the crowds at Mass, most of whom said their Rosaries and didn't seem to understand what was happening on the altar. I finally sought out a Missal and followed that way but was not surprised at the confusion after Vatican II.... I don't know where the disconnect or how the disconnect happened, but clearly the average Catholic in the pew did not have a clue what was going on at Mass!so I get a bit weary of some Catholics who still call the Mass of St Justin the Martyr promulgated in the vernacular 50 years ago, the "Novus Ordo" and effectually fail to even LEARN about the why's and wherefores of Vatican II which was after all, a REFORM!!!

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