Friday, August 11, 2017

I get by with the help of my Friends!

Reading a letter for one of the patients at the group home

So today, I do my visiting - bringing Communion to mental patients in a group home which I have been doing weekly since 2002 with only skipping one week in 2004 or so when we went to  a GT in California. But I have this awful hamstring injury (too much exercising - I forget I am 72 years old ** sigh **).  However, I feel I cannot skip this no matter what - because they cannot get anyone else to go minister to mental patients which is sad because they are really wonderful people. 

What I am finding out, is I'm finding ways to get stuff done even with this hamstring injury and sometimes getting something done requires the help of another person. 

So, for visiting, since, I cannot walk out to the car (can hardly walk at all even with a walker), I rode my scooter out to the car and climbed in the car. (thank Heavens I have a bunch of mobility scooters!) 

At the church, the lady brings Sacrament out to me in the car so that worked OK and I ministered to the people at the home from my car... they are very beautiful people by the way - I often see Jesus in their faces and somehow these last two weeks when I've had this injury, I've really experienced great ministries there.  One fellow who is Catholic and didn't take Communion for years, suddenly not only has been taking Communion regularly but also I've been able to instruct him a bit in the Faith.  Another lady really wants to become Catholic so I instructed her a bit, and am going to pursue how I can help make this happen.

Usually after the visiting the group home for mental patients, I go by the Post Office and pick up the week's mail.  This is no big deal when I'm on my feet but today, it was a problem of course.  So thinking a bit, I remembered that since we carry a walker with wheels in the car, I thought I'd use that. Only, getting it out was a problem until a nice man came along - I asked him if he would get the walker out for me. He did and even held the door while I slowly made my way up the ramp.

Our box is at the other side of the Post Office boxes, again, usually no big deal but today it was too far to walk even with the walker (I found out the one with wheels doesn't give the support like my other walker).  I saw this lady coming toward me and I asked her if she could push me to my mailbox because I could sit on the walker and be pushed.  She did that and even pushed me out to the car, down the ramp and was so nice - seemed happy to help.

Finally, I usually go to Jimmy John's (which has awesome sandwiches if you have one near by you) to get DH a tuna sandwich and a pickle.  But even parking in the handicapped zone right in front, was too long a walk so I called them and told them I was sitting outside and asked if they could deliver to the car which they did!

 I never hesitate to help others but I'm usually a very independent person and like to do things myself. But today, I found that receiving help from kindly people not only blessed me but seemed to bless them also.

Amazing I'm still learning at the age of 72 but I sure will be happy when this injury gets better (usually takes about two weeks).

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